Why is the Maritime Plan needed?

The main purposes of this plan are to:

  • clarify our strategic maritime planning for the short, medium to long term;
  • assist us, other planning bodies, transport network providers and other stakeholders in preparing and revising their own strategies;
  • inform current and potential users, stakeholders and local communities as to how they can expect to see development take place over the coming years;
  • promote the efficient management and operation of our maritime assets;
  • support individual developments within the context of a wider strategic plan;
  • appropriately maximise available land for economic uses;
  • improve the public realm, particularly Ramsgate’s historic waterfront; and
  • identify and promote other complementary economic and leisure uses.

It does this by outlining:

  • how the commercial port and Royal Harbour expect to grow and develop over time;
  • why this may be feasible in the context of wider patterns of supply and demand;
  • where changes of land use may be required to support growth; and
  • how we will manage any development to mitigate its impact on the environment and local amenity.




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