Location and access by sea

Ramsgate’s marine facilities provide direct access to the North Sea and English Channel, which benefits a wide range of different users:

  • for commercial shipping, short sea journey times and excellent road connectivity;
  • for cruise ships, Thanet and Kent’s tourist hinterland – including London and Canterbury – is within easy reach by road or rail;
  • for leisure sailors, the Royal Harbour is an ideal port of arrival/departure for continental visits; and
  • for offshore renewables, Ramsgate’s dedicated facilities and strategic location unrivalled support for major North Sea and English Channel developments.

The table below illustrates the relative journey time for cargoes in transit from their UK origin to four continental ports travelling via Ramsgate, Dover, Harwich or Purfleet/ Dagenham/Tilbury and demonstrates the significant locational advantage which Ramsgate offers.


ViaRamsgateDoverHarwichPurfleet / Dagenham / Tilbury
Rotterdam cluster  1 = 1 =   1 =  +2 hours
Zeebrugge / Ostend  1 =  1 =  +2 hours   +2 hours
Dunkirk  1 =  1 =   +3 hours   +3 hours 
Calais   +30 mins  1 =   +3.3 hours    +3.3 hours 
  1. The figure 1= indicates that there is no material difference between journey times.
  2. Journey origins in the UK are Dartford, Lutterworth and Cardiff.
  3. The composite results are indicative only, but are of sufficient accuracy to reflect the relative times.



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