Future vision: commercial port

We believe that the port’s competitive potential may be much improved by the implementation of MARPOL VI regulations in 2015. They will require the use of much more expensive low sulphur marine fuel and will significantly increase operating and therefore ticket prices charged and create real advantage for the Port of Ramsgate for both freight and passengers because of the very short UK-continent Channel crossing.




We will therefore safeguard the commercial port and its berthing facilities for use by commercial shipping and support the future development of new marine infrastructure.


Open for business


Once we have maximised our current port infrastructure, then attention will be given to the diversification of the types of vessels that can be handled. The commercial port business is restricted by the lack of an alongside berth and we will develop plans for the provision of that capability. 

Due to the port’s proximity to the town, any development of the commercial port area will have regard to existing leisure activities, as well as environmental and heritage assets including, in particular, Ramsgate’s historic waterfront.


Visualising the future


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These conceptual images show a RoRo capable port, with existing aggregate and renewable energy businesses. Our future aspirations for a new extension to the east pier in the form of a breakwater is shown on the right of the image – this will:

  • reduce wave energy entering the Royal Harbour 
  • reduce our maintenance requirement
  • facilitate future extensions to the marinas in the Royal Harbour
  • reduce the wave energy promulgating to RoRo berth #1
  • reduce our dredging costs by capturing the alongshore drift sand

You can also see a new alongside quay, diversifying our market opportunities, and a new large capacity travel hoist facilitating large vessel fabrication and maintenance activities at Ramsgate.


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