Existing facilities - commercial fishing

The Ramsgate fishing fleet is mainly composed of vessels under 10m working within the 6 or 12 mile limits. The principal species caught are sole, skate, plaice and cod as well as a large array of shellfish.

The fleet operates within the Kent and Essex Fisheries Committee district. It is this committee which regulates the activities of Ramsgate’s fleet, through a licensing scheme which limits the quantity of fish caught. These quotas have reduced over time, causing a decline in activity at Ramsgate and elsewhere.

Despite this, the Ramsgate Fishermens’ Association have been very active in gaining support for the future of Ramsgate’s fleet and have diversified their activities to support the growing offshore energy sector.

The Port of Ramsgate has worked with the European Fisheries Fund to secure match funding to enable the upgrade of pontoons and associated service infrastructure in the outer east marina for the benefit of the fishing industry.

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