About this plan

Prime goals

This plan supports our prime regeneration goal of accelerating economic growth to achieve greater productivity and profit for businesses in and around the port, more jobs, and increased prosperity for our residents and in particular:

  • builds on the unique conflux of a major seaport and high speed rail link;
  • rebuilds our reputation as a desirable UK visitor destination; and
  • achieves those goals in ways that are safe, sustainable and environmentally sensitive and which recognise the challenges posed by climate change.

We realise that our goals are ambitious and that their realisation will depend upon a range of factors – not least funding – some of which will depend upon a business case or third party commitments. However, our ambition is not constrained and we hope this plan supports the vital roles of the commercial port and Royal Harbour in our community and economy.


Port approach tunnel


Sailing off Ramsgate


Ramsgate Royal Marina