Funding projects

As a municipal port, major developments within the port and harbour rely on additional income streams and even more so external funding. The Port of Ramsgate has worked closely over the last few years with other continental ports to:

  • form robust partnerships which help draw down European grants
  • exchange ‘best practice’ experience between partners.

A long track record in applying successfully for European grants has been established. These have funded substantial improvements to both the port and harbour.

Including help from INTERREG, the most recent funding projects have been:




What’s next

The external funding marketplace is becoming increasingly difficult given the winding up of Regional Development Agencies (RDA) and the drying up of funding from Central Government. The creation of the Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP’s) has changed the way funding will be administered via central Government to the local area. The Single Local Growth Fund will provide funding to LEP’s to deliver specific activity, with the majority for transport schemes. The LEP will also play a key role in developing projects for and delivering European Structural Funds. During 2013-14 The South East LEP developed a Strategic Economic Plan and European Structural and Investment Fund Strategy for Government to agree and allocate funds against accordingly.

We are in the unique position of being one large and mainly listed asset. This opens up funding from a number of additional sources including Heritage Lottery Fund and English Heritage. With lottery sales and the percentage allocated to the Heritage Lottery Fund, increasing an increased amount of grant funding is available.

In addition, although the 2007-2013 European Funding Programmes are drawing to a close, the 2014-2020 Programmes are starting to emerge. The new programmes include exciting opportunities such as Horizon 2020, Interreg and the European Fisheries Fund.

With the partnerships already formed through past projects we are in a prime position to bid into these funds when they become available, which will lead to further enhancements that will benefit the port, harbour and the local community.