17/2018 - Heavy Lift Operations


Mariners are advised that the Heavy Lift Barge ‘Matador 2’ accompanied by Tugs ‘Jan Leenheer’ and ‘Christine’ will be carrying out heavy lift operations at No 2 berth and the Boat Park Quay on the Friday15th / Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th June. The Matador 2 will have anchor patterns as in the attached diagrams. The lift will be carried out around high water and it is anticipated that this will cover the PM high water on the 16th (12:00)

 ‘Frisian River’ will berth at No 2 berth and the ‘Matador 2’ will discharge the cargo from her before moving to the Boat Park Quay.  During this period it is anticipated that anchors will be spread across No 1 berth for the period of the lift.

 All vessels are requested to call Port Control before manoeuvring in this area.

 The vessels will be monitoring Channel 14 and vessels are requested to pass at low speed.