06/2018 - Heavy Weather Access Consideration to Southern Breakwater

Heavy Weather Access Considerations to Southern Breakwater – Outer East Marina

Mariners are advised that until rectification works associated with a damaged pile and a number of pile guides on the Southern Breakwater are complete, consideration must be given to safe access when the wind is forecast/observed to be in excess of Beaufort Force 6 between the directional sector bounded between SSE and SSW.  This is due to increased structure motion that could be experienced.

When the weather meets the aforementioned condition, access should only be if absolutely necessary and should this be so then no person should be on the structure alone.  In this situation, personnel should advise Port Control on VHF Ch.14 so that they can be observed whilst on the breakwater.

Any person on the estate should wear a certificated lifejacket if intending to be within 2m of open water and to be aware of safety ladders/lifebuoys within their location.